[Born : 12 - 01 - 1826]

Ernest Gustav Herman Miessler was born on January 12, 1826 in Reichenbach, a suburb of Gorlitz, Silesia. Ernest's family moved to Freiwalden in 1827 and in 1839 to Rothwasser. He was confirmed in 1839 and became a linen weaver's apprentice.

In 1845 Ernest enrolled in the Dresden Mission Society's school. He was in the same class as Ernst Baierlein. Meissler complete his studies in 1851 and was commisioned for missionary work in India. Ordained that same year, Miessler was sent to Gratiot County, Michigan to assist Ernst Baierlein at a mission to the Chippewa Indians. Meissler taught at the mission school and assisted Baierlein. He took over the mission in 1852 when Baierlein was recalled to work in India.

In 1853 he compiled a Chippewa-English dictionary. Meissler remained at the mission until 1869 when he moved to Saginaw, Michigan. At the age of 45, Miessler decided to study medicine, entering Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago, Illinois. He studied homeopathic medicine and set up prctice in Chicago. After 30 years, Ernest retired and moved to Columbus, Nebraska and then moved to Otanoville, Illinois in 1900. Miessler died in 1916.